As a developer, you have unique hosting needs. You need a host that can keep up with your constant site updates and provide reliable support if anything goes wrong. You also need a host that understands your need for speed and security. In this article, we'll show you the best web hosting for developers, based on our own experience and expert opinions.

Web hosting has become simpler over time to accommodate the needs of users who have little to no coding skills.

Even though this is often a positive thing, web developers frequently require a more comprehensive setting and a platform that would enable them to directly manage all crucial elements of their hosting plans.

What Is Developer-Friendly Hosting?

There are practically a plethora of different hosting firms, each offering a variety of packages and services, as you are undoubtedly aware.

Your needs as just a web developer are different from those of a small company or a blogger.

Let's examine and determine what you need for hosting.

You will need the following if you are a coder/developer:

  • Enables the hosting as well as execution of software created in the languages you use. Although most hosts include PHP as standard, if you're using Python or Node.js you must take this into consideration. You cannot run Python, Java Server Pages, or Node.js server-side on shared hosting plans.
  • Is trustworthy: They work in web development, thus they require the proper equipment to produce outstanding applications.
  • Allows for scaling: A scalable hosting plan would enable developers to adapt their surroundings to their current activities because they must work with various clients and technologies.
  • Has a fair price: To maintain their monthly hosting costs under control, developers must carefully choose their provider because hosting may get expensive rapidly.

Front-End or Back-End Development?

What form of hosting you could use to test your code depends a lot on the type of website you have. In the end, there are two categories of websites: static and dynamic.

A static website is made up of HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript files that correspond to the website's actual pages. Consequently, when you access the website of a webpage, you are actually viewing the homepage file. It's really simple and how the majority of sites were initially created in the early days of the World Wide Web.

Choose the perfect domain name for your website with FAST Domainer.

Choose the ideal domain for your website with FAST Domainer.

A memorable domain name is among the first requirements when launching a new website. However, it can be challenging to select the ideal alternative given the abundance of choices. FAST Domainer can assist, which is fortunate.

Based on the search terms you select, the free tool FAST Domainer proposes domain names. As a result, you might try using the keywords “cats,” “kittens,” and perhaps “feline” when searching for a domain name for your company website regarding cats, for instance. A selection of available domain names as well as their prices will subsequently be displayed to you by the program.

You can register for the domain with FAST Domainer once you've found a name you like.



Hostinger is presently the most affordable provider on the market, with costs starting at $0.99/month. The business provides a straightforward yet reliable service, and it guarantees 99.9% uptime and free weekly/daily updates.

The basic plan from Hostinger only offers 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth, and it only supports PHP as a server-side language. It also excludes a free domain name.

Key Features:

  • PHP (From 5.2 to 7.2)
  • MySQL
  • PhpMyAdmin \sGIT
  • Individual admin console (but no CPanel)
  • Editable versions of some php.ini settings.
  • Quite affordable while still offering a good service.
  • Only the business plan ($4.49/month) offers a free SSL certificate.
  • Support sometimes moves slowly.
  • Recommended for students and cheap web developers



American hosting firm Bluehost was established in 2003 and has its headquarters in Utah. It is one of the largest and most recognizable hosting service providers in the world, hosting over 20 million websites. The availability of numerous server-side programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl, is one of Bluehost's key selling points for developers. Unfortunately, installing Node.js requires a private server or a Bluehost VPS.

Hosting options from Bluehost include dedicated, shared, and VPS plans. Plan prices start at $3.59 per month, and the first year's use of a domain name is free.

Key Features:

  • MySQL databases 7.2 PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Python, Ruby, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, and free SSL
  • Can run Ruby/Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, and Perl
  • Dependable, unrestricted bandwidth
  • Support sometimes moves slowly.
  • Developers who must host many websites/apps and utilize different back-end languages like Python or Ruby are advised to use Bluehost.



With over 15 years of experience, InMotion hosting is a very well-known brand in the industry.

InMotion provides two primary solutions for dedicated servers: “Bare Metal” dedicated servers are uncontrolled and start at $75.69/month. You are in control of managing every aspect of the server, including software upgrades and security procedures. As a result, system administrators or just any developer with extensive sysadmin knowledge should use those dedicated servers.

Managed dedicated servers start at $105.69 per month. InMotion will offer the customer free server administration, upgrades, and patching in contrast to the unmanaged option. Developers who are too preoccupied with coding to run a web server should definitely consider this deal.

Key Points:

  • 100% adaptable and flexible to meet your needs
  • Linux-based, quick, and dependable servers
  • Pricier than cloud-based or shared hosting
  • High-end servers for large sites are required for dedicated web hosting.



One of the most popular web hosting providers, HostGator has hosted millions of websites for more than 25 years on its servers. From shared to dedicated hosting, HostGator offers a variety of solutions. However, their cloud hosting provides excellent value for money.

Offering the most hosting options, HostGator is a potent web hosting provider that can accommodate both novice and expert users.

While they generally offer the same services that Bluehost does, they stand out by being particularly particular with their web hosting pricing and giving you the freedom to tailor your offering. hosting package that is completely unique to your needs.

Two million more people undoubtedly utilize them for dependable hosting because of this. HostGator earns a spot on my list of the top web hosting providers because of this and a plethora of other helpful features.

It also offers you the following:

Free migration: HostGator will move your website for you if you don't want to deal with migrations and the costs involved. For this kind of service, other websites with comparable capabilities may charge you a hefty fee.

HostGator offers round-the-clock customer service and values it highly. No matter the day or time, you can contact them through the live chat option whenever you need to.

A 99.9% uptime guarantee is something that not all hosting companies are willing to provide, but HostGator does. As you may already be aware, uptime is crucial if you want to maintain your site's Google ranking, a positive online reputation, and constant audience accessibility.

Key Points:

  • 45-day money-back guarantee with a free domain
  • Support sometimes moves slowly.
  • Low-cost and dependable



In Ann Arbor, Michigan, there is a business called A2 Hosting. They have been in operation since 2001 and provide a variety of hosting services. One of the most intriguing packages for hosting tiny, low-traffic websites is their shared hosting option.

Developers will like the hosting plans' developer-friendly features and its “anytime” money-back guarantee.

The feed-forward control, which increases dramatically after your initial time, is a considerable drawback. However, if you require a quick web hosting solution with relatively low upfront costs that can scale with the expansion of your business. If so, A2 Hosting could be a great choice for you.

They have a generous refund policy, great uptime, courteous customer support, lots of security features, and amazing speed. Additionally, they are concerned about the environment.

The “Imunify360” 24/7 monitoring solution guards the servers of A2 Hosting against malware and other threats.

Additionally, because of their scalable data centers, you are safeguarded in the event of a denial of service assault.

Key Features:

  • A2 also provides hosting for Windows.
  • Host countless websites.
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Support sometimes moves slowly.
  • Affordable pricing for a high standard of service.


Due to the variety of service providers available, selecting the ideal hosting package to highlight your coding abilities is not an easy task for web developers. I believe that evaluating your needs for resources, performance, as well as server management is the most important step in selecting a web host.

Here are the top choices right now, most of which come with a money-back guarantee, to wrap up this review:

  • A newbie web developer or those who merely need to operate some HTML/CSS/JS/PHP-based code in a basic hosting solution should choose Hostinger.
  • For a web developer that requires complete server control to run demanding software, work with a variety of server-side scripts, or host a lot of websites, InMotion Hosting is the best choice.
  • For hosting a lot of little sites, Bluehost is the best choice.

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