5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India

5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India

In this article, we'll examine the 5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India.

WordPress is a real worldwide phenomenon, despite the WordPress industry's propensity to be US-centric. Additionally, you might not want to choose the Us WordPress host at all if you live anywhere else in the world. Luckily, practically everything in the world has local WordPress hosting options.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress can technically be used with any website hosting, however, WordPress hosting is specially designed for this usage. WordPress is typically preinstalled in WordPress hosting plans so you can get started on your site right away. Nevertheless, there are several additional considerations you should make while looking for an Indian WordPress host.



The best cheap option for entrepreneurs looking to reach a market that is largely Indian is Hostinger. WordPress is preinstalled on every Hostinger account, along with a minimum of one email address, an intuitive control panel, accessibility to live help around the clock, and 100GB of bandwidth.

The fact that Hostinger has now servers in India is fantastic news for regional websites because it should provide strong performance and quick load times.

Key Points:

  • Starting at: Rs. 79 per month
  • Traffic/bandwidth permitted: 100GB
  • Email: One user (upgrade for more)
  • Pre-installed WordPress: Yes
  • Yes, a local web server.
  • No local customer service


5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India

The Indian division of Bluehost, a member of the three web providers WordPress itself officially recommends, is called Bluehost IndiaBluehost has improved its service over the past several years, making it simpler to use and providing a greater range of plans to accommodate companies of all sizes and shapes.

The WordPress hosting packages from Bluehost India include WordPress preinstalled, automatic updates, and a complimentary SSL certificate. All WordPress sites hosted by Bluehost India additionally come pre-configured with the MOJO Global market and Jetpack plugins.

Key Points:

  • Starting at: Rs. 199 per month
  • Allowable traffic and bandwidth: unmetered
  • Unlimited accounts for email
  • Pre-installed WordPress: Yes
  • Yes, a local web server.
  • Yes, local client service


5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India

Because of its numerous servers and dependable service, Hostgator has existed for more than ten years. Hostgator is mostly recognized as a shared web host, but it also offers respectable dedicated and VPS alternatives if you need to scale your website. Although Hostgator is slightly more expensive compared to some of the other shared hosts for the frugal crowd, this price reflects the company's reputation for reliable infrastructure and good customer service. In addition to unlimited disc space, a beautiful control panel, and free website templates, Hostgator provides some respectable features in its entry-level shared hosting packages. Additionally, you have the freedom to add a variety of add-ons for productivity, security, and privacy as you see fit.

Key Points:

  • the well-known and simple-to-use cPanel control panel
  • A FREE bespoke website builder that uses drag and drops
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email, and disc space
  • Flexible term lengths without the need for a contract
  • 62 percent off your first 3 years



In our yearly surveys, GoDaddy routinely ranks as the most powerful WordPress host, making them one of the top players in webpage hosting globally. Their WordPress plans include WordPress pre-installed, automatic backups but instead malware scans, 10 gigabytes of storage, a CDN accelerator, and a domain name for a year.

However, GoDaddy does not yet have servers or customer support specifically for Indian customers. They do, however, provide 24/7 assistance so you can contact them whenever your business hours are.

Key Points:

  • Priced at Rs. 99 per month for the first year and Rs. 449 per month after that.
  • A maximum of 25,000 monthly customers are permitted, using the full bandwidth.
  • Email: Free first-year use of one account
  • installed WordPress already: Yes
  • No local web server
  • No local customer service


5 Best Hosting For WordPress in India

With A2 Hosting's premium WordPress hosting, you can integrate your online store with only one click, get a complimentary SSL certificate, use turbo servers for digital zoom faster load times, and get free advertising credits, among other advantages.

You'll never be without assistance thanks to A2 Hosting's 24/7 customer support, however, there is no specific customer support for India. They don't currently have any servers in India, either; the closest one is in Singapore.

Key Points:

  • Starting at: Rs. 208 monthly (Frequent sales occur)
  • Allowable traffic and bandwidth: unmetered
  • Email: 25 accounts maximum
  • Pre-installed WordPress: Yes
  • No local web server
  • No local customer service


Local servers

Making sure that your hosting provider has servers in the nation you wish to reach is the best approach to guarantee quick load times for a target audience there. This means that if the majority of your audience is from India, you should pick a WordPress host with Indian servers. With a CDN, you can increase your website's worldwide loading speed if your customer is dispersed across many continents or the entire world.

Local Customer Support:

One of the main justifications for selecting a local WordPress host is the assurance of local customer service from agents who operate in your time zone. This makes sure that you can get assistance throughout your working day. If English is not your mother tongue, it can be beneficial that some hosts also provide customer service in other languages.

Plans for sale in local currency:

It is always simpler to pay for goods and services in your home currency, especially during tax season. The top WordPress hosts in India let you pay in rupees for domains, hosting packages, and other services. You can be certain that these companies are adhering to local laws because they are legitimately registered in India.

Reviews from local business owners:

A web host may not offer its Indian clients the same level of service as they do to their American clients. You may learn about the quality of service and assistance in your region by reading reviews from nearby company owners. Be sure to actively look for them while conducting your research. In conclusion, the top WordPress providers in India offer a flawless user experience to both Indian website owners and visitors.

Bandwidth / traffic:

Although you generally won't experience a huge surge in traffic right immediately, you still need a plan with enough capacity to handle an expanding clientele. 10,000–25,000 monthly visitors are typically more than adequate for new websites. Unmetered bandwidth is a service provided by some web hosting, which normally permits large expansion but has stringent guidelines around traffic spikes. It is crucial to carefully examine the terms and circumstances of traffic and bandwidth in these situations. By conversing with a customer care agent, you could also be able to gain an idea of the peak traffic volumes.

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The number of websites allowed:

The majority of hosting plans only let you build one website, however, some allow you to develop several websites. This can be helpful if you wish to design unique websites for the various divisions of your company.

WordPress pre-installed:

The majority of hosting plans only let you build one website, however, some allow you to create several websites. This can be helpful if you need to design unique websites for the various divisions of your company.


The selection you make here ought to be based on the specific demands of your company, like the most significant decisions relating to your webpage (and your business in general).

These comparisons show that Bluehost (our top pick) as well as Hostgator are indeed the best choices for companies with a solely Indian clientele and/or workforce. These businesses provide local servers as well as customer service, guaranteeing quick load times and easy communication if you have any issues.

GoDaddy is the best option if you want well-balanced, high-quality web planning to host with a top-notch email hosting solution on top of that. Finally, Hostinger is the best choice for you if constructing a website on a tight budget is your major priority.

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