The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

As a designer, you have specific needs when it comes to web hosting. You need a host that can handle graphics-heavy sites, has great uptime, and provides excellent customer support. You also need a host that understands the nuances of design and can offer features that will help you create a great website.

To help you find the best web hosting for designers, we've compiled a list of the 5 best options. We considered factors like price, features, uptime, and customer support to create this list.

 Online presence is crucial while developing your own website as a graphic designer. Why? Because the final product of your website speaks volumes about your abilities.

Of course, appearances aren't everything. You should also have a ton of customizing possibilities for creative expression. Perhaps even speed and usability to launch the website rapidly.

Your best option? A tool for designers to develop websites No coding, preparation, or trouble is required. Instead, it's just open season on imagination.

However, not every website builder will present your work and abilities in the greatest possible way.

Therefore, I've narrowed down the top 5 possibilities for when you require a business website for graphic artists after comparing and evaluating dozens of builders.

Get the Perfect Domain Name with FAST Domainer

With FAST Domainer, find the ideal domain name for your site.

One of the first requirements for launching a new website is a memorable domain name. Because there are so many choices, it might be challenging to make the best choice. FAST Domainer can assist, thankfully.

Using the keywords you select, the free tool FAST Domainer generates domain name suggestions. Therefore, you might try using “cats,” “kittens,” or “feline” as your keyword if you're looking for a domain name for your dedicated website on cats, for instance. The program will then display a list of obtainable domain names along with their prices.

Once you've settled on a name, you may register the domain name with FAST Domainer.


The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

Due to its affordable rates and quick ability to create a website that seems like it belongs to a professional graphic designer, Zyro managed to claim one of the top rankings. For increasing awareness online, it features more than 130 lovely templates and practical marketing as well as SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities.

The following are some of Zyro's key requests for graphic designer websites:

  • Over 130 templates appear professional, some of them are specifically designed for designers, and are basic yet elegant. They have a contemporary appearance yet are unobtrusive enough to maintain the focus on your work.
  • Live chat and contact forms are simple to integrate for better customer service, while marketing, SEO, and analytics tools make it simpler to rank search engines, increase traffic, and convert leads.
  • Zyro is a great option for constructing websites quickly and steadily. Zyro's AI can create your website for you, or you may select a template and use the drag-and-drop editor to create it yourself.

With this website builder, you have two simple ways to get started: either by completing a few questions and allowing Zyro's AI to create a site for you or by selecting a template from the gallery.

Zyro might not be the best choice for choosing a template. Over 130 different template options are available, so it doesn't skimp on choice.

The designs are clear, simple, and highly pleasing to the eye. Even though there isn't a category specifically for graphic designers or designers, many of them would be perfect for such web pages or could be readily modified to fit. There are 8 layouts in the Portfolio genre as well, which is another excellent option for showcasing your work.

Key Points:

  • Features Contact forms, tools for scheduling consultations, SEO, and marketing
  • Templates 130+
  • Best for Graphic Designers' Affordable Website Building
  • Free offer
  • Free test


The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

There isn't a better option for stunning graphic designer webpages than Squarespace when it comes to a reliable website development experience. Many people have been drawn to this existing online builder because it has the most imaginative and beautiful templates available. Additionally, Squarespace enchants with a wealth of built-in functionality as well as cutting-edge SEO and marketing tools.

Here are some ways Squarespace differs:

  • To accommodate various needs and trends, more than 110 excellent templates with a polished appearance are available.
  • The ability to integrate live chat as well as contact forms to make it simpler for consumers to reach you.
  • Built-in SEO tools that are simple to use and cutting-edge marketing tools to increase traffic and engagement include banners, pop-up ads, and website analytics.
  • Complete customizability via CSS and Javascript is also available for building a more unique website.
  • Squarespace includes all of the essential functions a website needs, so using it doesn't just result in happiness.

Websites for graphic designers will be simple to construct with Squarespace, you can indeed be sure of that. With its segments and blocks building mechanism, Squarespace's drag-and-drop editor is simple to use. Additionally, its beautiful template collection deserves recognition as well. You may quickly put together a striking and expert-looking graphic designer website by combining the two.

To begin with, Squarespace provides some of the finest templates available. With a little over 110 templates, its variety may not be the largest, but it's always preferable to provide quality than the number. Over 40 professionally made templates are available in the Art & Design category.

Key Points:

  • Features marketing tools, Google My Business, scheduling, and SEO.
  • Templates 110+
  • Most effective for websites with professional-looking graphic designers.
  • Free plan
  • Features rich built-in to premium plans
  • Gorgeous contemporary templates
  • Grid-based intuitive editor
  • Free test


The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

Due to its rapid and easy website development process as well as its opulent functionality, SITE123 has managed to gain a spot on this list. The setup procedure is quick and very simple. Furthermore, SITE123 pampers its users with excellent SEO and reliable marketing tools.

The high points of SITE123 are as follows:

  • Live chat capabilities, 160+ responsive as well as mobile-friendly layouts, and easy visitor communication.
  • Integrations with many payment gateways for websites on Professional- and higher-priced plan tiers. Other subscriptions, however, solely provide PayPal. Excellent for online sales of your products or services.
  • A tool called SEO Adviser examines your website and offers suggestions for improvement to help it rank higher in search engines. Additionally, its marketing synergies aid in raising brand recognition.

The quickest approach to launching your mobile-friendly SITE123 website is by combining and matching pre-made templates. Additionally, the builder's editor's simplicity is helpful.

160+ templates are available at SITE123. But in reality, they're essentially various combinations of dozens of content units. As a result, they do resemble one another somewhat. However, there will be changes in terms of layouts, typefaces, color schemes, and other things as well.

Although SITE123 doesn't have any templates just for design, the Creative Arts category has over 10 templates that you can edit for your services or portfolio.

Key Points:

  • Features testimonial sections, appointment scheduling, and SEO tools
  • Templates 160+
  • Most effective for quick website development
  • Free offer
  • Yes, really quick and simple setup.
  • Tools for effective SEO and marketing
  • Even the most affordable package allows for online shopping.
  • Few possibilities for customization
  • Long billing cycle results in lower costs


The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

Wix, which is frequently cited as the greatest creative website builder, offers the freedom to develop a totally original visual design website. It also has a wealth of features and hundreds of stylish, contemporary template possibilities.

Wix excels the most in these areas:

  • There are over 800 beautifully designed, responsive templates available.
  • Strong marketing and SEO capabilities, including SEO Wiz app, social network integration, branded email campaigns, and ad campaigns,
  • Wix Pro Gallery enables you to display your work in a multitude of ways thanks to its hundreds of integrated and third-party capabilities and apps that cover a wide range of topics and include live chat, reservations, animations, special effects, and more.
  • You can adjust the gallery's advanced settings to better suit your preferences.

The graphic designer website can be designed however you want using Wix. You have the option of using a template or indeed the Wix AI tool, which can create your website. Both solutions are quite straightforward, but the latter provides an even simpler path.

With Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence, you can create an attractive and straightforward website in a matter of minutes (ADI). The website builder will create a website when you respond to a few questions. Of course, you are free to alter the result in any way you see fit to get the greatest possible results.

You can also use templates as an alternative. Here, you start by choosing a template from among Wix's 800+ choices.

Key Points:

  • Features online scheduling, SEO, and marketing tools, as well as Google My Business
  • Templates 700+
  • Best for completely customizable website construction
  • Free offer
  • Positive SEO tools
  • A variety of templates
  • Editor very adaptable Premium price
  • For new users, editors might be challenging.


The 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers

Visit the GoDaddy website builder if you want a simple, corporation business website for designers. The builder provides simplicity of use, clean, contemporary designer styles, and a bevy of marketing, SEO, as well as eCommerce options to appeal to the commercial population.

The essential attributes of GoDaddy are listed below:

  • 19 responsive templates with an emphasis on art and design
  • GoDaddy Domains + Marketing has an integrated marketing solution that consists of email campaigns, social media platforms, and GoDaddy Intelligence for more efficient website optimization.
  • Superb SEO tools, including the SEO Wizard for help with keywords, editing choices for alt and meta tags, and more.
  • For Premium and more premium plans, there is an online appointment feature. You can communicate your availability with site visitors and customers by giving them access to your calendar.

The GoDaddy website builder is just as simple to use to create a graphic designer website as other top-tier website builders. It provides dozens of designs that may be altered to meet the color scheme and design you want. Additionally, the builder's section-based construction method contributes to its increased novice friendliness.

GoDaddy provides dozens of designs for a variety of markets, including blogs, personal websites, and the arts and design. The builder templates generally are uncluttered, minimalist, and simple. Not particularly innovative, but probably attractive enough to entice a graphic designer.

Although you can browse through themes for individual use or photography, I discovered that the 19 templates in the Art & Entertainment category are most useful for designers.

Key Points:

  • Features online appointments, contact forms, testimonials pages, and SEO tools
  • Templates 20+
  • Best for promoting websites for graphic designers
  • Free offer
  • 14-day free trial
  • A variety of integrated marketing options
  • Comprehensive SEO tools
  • 14-day risk-free test
  • Little variety in design
  • A smaller number of template options


We evaluated, tested, and chose the top 5 Best Web Hosting for Designers although there are many available, ranging from subpar to truly exceptional ones. In terms of functionality, template selections, and additional tools in addition to ease of use, each of them demonstrated why they belong on our list.

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