Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

In present domains registration companies, almost 8% of domains are registered under Namecheap.

But as a matter of course, they proffer much more than domain.

Domain name registration can be an expensive proposition. But still, there are a number of companies that offer low-cost domain registration, and Namecheap is one of the best.

Namecheap is a trustworthy, affordable domain name registration company. They offer a wide variety of domain extensions and have excellent customer service. 

Moreover, they offer a wide variety of hosting options, making them an ideal one-stop-shop for all your web hosting needs.

Domain names are an important part of any online presence. Choosing the right one can be tricky, but Namecheap can resolve the problem in the snap of a finger. Even I moved my domains to Namecheap a year ago, and I'm satisfied with their service. Their user-friendly interface makes finding and registering a domain name fast and easy. And their prices make it more affordable.

Price List Of Domains:

Prices taken 3/8/22

You can get premium DNS (for about $5 a year). It'll help your site load faster. If you need SSL certificates, Namecheap offers that too. I decided to give their premium DNS service a try, and I was very impressed.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is a great way to keep your business organized. Email hosting also allows you to have a professional email address to contact customers and clients.

When looking for a good email hosting provider, it is important to consider the important features. Some providers offer unlimited storage space, while others have a limit.

A Review of Namecheap
A Review of Namecheap

Namecheap Email Hosting Plans start at 10.88$ for 1st year (at renewal or 15$ yearly) for 1 Email and 5 GB Storage,

This Package doesn't include Domain Name, and you have to buy it separately.

Web Hosting 

Namecheap offers several hosting services for the website.

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a type of hosting where the hosting company splits the server into multiple accounts. These accounts share the server's resources, such as the CPU and memory. It is a less expensive option that is good for small websites that do not need a lot of resources. If you are starting your website, I recommend starting with Shared Hosting Plan.

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

WP Hosting: WordPress hosting is a sort of hosting that is set up to meet the security needs and performance of WordPress. With $2.49 to $8.24 a month, Namecheap offers you 1 WordPress installation. Moreover, you can't host anything other than WordPress sites in this exclusive WordPress hosting package.

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is a prospect in which one company rents a hard drive and bandwidth to another company of small or mid-size business. Who further rent the room to the third party of entrepreneur or small business. It is particularly useful for agencies or freelancers dealing with clients who want to resell their Namecheap hosting Packages to others. Its price goes from $18 a month to $52, relying on the number of accounts and storage required. 

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

VPS Server: VPS is an acronym of virtual private service. It is a more secure and stable hosting solution than shared hosting. It is a visualizing hosting service that provides you with your own space and server setup with multiple users. The price of a VPS server on Namecheap starts from $10 a month. Moreover, you can choose between InterWorx and cPanel to manage your dashboard. 

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

Dedicated Server: A dedicated server is a sort of remote server that is completely devoted to an organization, individual, or application. You will be the only one using a dedicated server, and it is not shared with other applications, servers, and customers. Therefore, it is counted as ideal for large websites. A range of dedicated hosting plans on Namecheap started from around $57 – $260 per month

Cheap and Reliable: A Review of Namecheap

CDN: CDN is an acronym of the content delivery network. It refers to the groups of geographically distributed servers that work together to deliver the content on the internet quickly. A CDN expedites your website's global loading time along with the network that serves the content over different places faster. Moreover, it offers some security advantages like averting DDoS attacks. Few Namecheap hosting plans also have this option, but it can also be purchased if needed. The price started from $8.90 a month.


Namecheap Pros & Cons


  • Affordable: Namecheap is the most affordable web hosting service and exceptionally a low-cost WordPress website.
  • Storage: WordPress (WP) hosting proffers a lot of storage.
  • Performance: I was completely moved with the speed and uptime while testing this host. 
  • Easy to use: No doubt, a well-designed backend, and beginners will not face any issue while following the interface.
  • CDN and caching: All the plans obtain ingress into the caching plugin. Moreover, Supersonic and Turbo users will have a CDN at their disposal too.
  • Money-back guarantee: In case you are not pleased with your Namecheap experience. Then there is absolutely no problem. If within 30days of initiating your services, you have realized that you do not like the plan or do not enjoy the run. Then you can swap to another plan or get your money back. You can take your Namecheap plan for a test run for an entire month.
  • Great basic plan: In contrast to its name, Namecheap basic plans offer a lot more than their competitors. With its littlest plan, you acquire unmetered bandwidth. You will enjoy this uniqueness when your site begins to grow. Moreover, you will also earn a complimentary SSL certificate for the first year. Compared to other providers, who offer free backup once a week. Namecheap proffers free backup twice a week. On top of all of this, you will get 50 email addresses and 50 MySQL databases.


  • Only 1 website: WordPress (WP) authorized only 1 website per plan.
  • Limited panel: WordPress hosting is good for beginners, But at the same time, it is too simple for some. For instance, there is no option to maintain PHP versions, databases, and limited configuration for your Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) account as well.
  • Limited visits: Namecheap limits the number of people who visit you each month.
  • WordPress only: Namecheap offers you hosting of WordPress websites only.
  • No email: In order to get email accounts, you have to buy them separately.
  • Unreliable customer support: Namecheap has been quick to respond in live chat, but the help does not remain strong when the question starts to come forth. They take a little too long to answer the queries. Besides, it does not have a number to contact, so it better not search for it.


Namecheap is really affordable along with the great performance. And the icing on the cake is its generous storage capacity and bandwidth. The web host speed of Namecheap is the fastest of all other hostings registration companies.

However, it also has some shortcomings. But it is a great choice if you want to host one WordPress website only. Plus, its great basic plans and money-back guarantee make it more striking.

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