Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger vs Namecheap, which one is best

We live in a digital era, where everything from business to school moves online. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your online presence. 

A web hosting provider is a mainstay of operating your online presence. It will provide all the tools you require and give ingress to your site over the internet. 

If you are new in the online business or web hosting market. And you don't know much about web hosting. 

Or Are you clueless about choosing the best web hosting plan for your website? 

Then you have landed in the right place, and this article is specially written for you.

This Hostinger vs Namecheap comparison will help you choose the best hosting platform. Both platforms offer a range of features, different hosting plans, and functional capabilities.

Features and services 


  • Quality Uptime: Uptime is an essential service of any web hosting platform. And Namecheap offers the reliability and accessibility of their domain and website to customers or visitors. Namecheap offers about 99.9% quality uptime.
  • Speed: No one wants to visit a site that takes too long to bring out search outcomes. Therefore, speed is counted as one of the most crucial elements of a hosting site. Namecheap proffers sound speed of average capacity to users.
  • Excellent control panel: Namecheap offers access to an organized yet detailed display that carries a series of information. Traverse through the options on the platform is easy and smooth without upsells. Moreover, it gives access to all the characteristics of this forum.
  • Free SSL certificates: Namecheap allows you to access up to 50 free SSL certificates on the shared hosting plans for a year.
  • WordPress and cPanel: Namecheap offers you the best control panel services in the online market. Moreover, it offers you cheap WordPress hosting services.
  • Personalized email support: Namecheap has personalized email services that epitomize your business and manage contact between users and customers. This service will help you add accounts, allow automatic response, and get several other benefits.


  • Ecommerce: Hostinger offers e-commerce tools that let business owners earn money online from the hostinger online stores.
  • Easy for beginners: Hostinger is a beginner-friendly web hosting service. It provides easy tools and excellent customer service, which help users to get familiar with the platform quickly. 
  • Security: Few hosting plans on hostinger offer you a free SSL certificate. And you can also buy a form that provides you and your visitors protection against DDoS, malware, and other threats.
  • Excellent uptime: Hostinger offers you quality uptime that accounts for the website's reliability and accessibility.
  • Customer support: Hostinger customer service is top-notch, as it provides support for issues that occurs on this platform through its friendly and informative live web chat 24/7.

Hosting Plans


  • Stellar plan: This plan is mainly for small businesses and new blogs. This plan offers the essential benefits of Namecheap. The program is available at $2.88 monthly, and it gives users up to 20GB of storage space and 3 websites operating apart from the general features of the hosting package.
  • Stellar plus: Stellar plus plan offers unlimited website use, automatic backup space, unlimited storage space, and other features available in the first plan. It is an excellent plan for professional business. You can access it at $4.88 per month.
  • Stellar business: Stellar business plan offers up to 50GB of storage space, automatic backup, cloud storage, unlimited website use, and apart from other general benefits. You can access this plan at $8.88 per month.
  • Dedicated servers: With this server, you can get several unique features and services that include easy set-up, all attributes available on VPS, although in distinct quantities, and the option for self or completely managed services.
  • Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting allow users to sell their plan to customers. It benefits the user to
  • VPS hosting: VPS hosting plan aid you to enjoy services on the shared hosting plan with better service and more privacy. And it will give a super-fast network, propriety support, and speedy page loading services. The programs available on Namecheap VPS hosting are self-managed, semi-managed, and fully managed plans.


  • Single plan: This is a basic plan for hosting a single site with one email account, 10GB of storage space, and 100GB of data transfers. The single plan can be accessed at $9.99 per month, but you can get a discount and avail of $2.99 per month only due to a year's commitment.
  • Premium plan: Hostinger's premium plan is available at $10.95 per month, but you can access it at $5.99 per month with a year's subscription discount. It offers email and data transfer, unlimited hosting sites, a free domain name, a 20GB storage capacity, and double-fold the processing power of the Single plan. 
  • Business plan: It offers all the services and features of the premium plan, four-time faster processing power than a single plan, free SSL certificate, and automatic daily backups. You can access the business plan at $15.99 per month, but you can access it at $6.99 monthly with a year's commitment.
  • Minecraft hosting: Hostinger does not give a dedicated server plan. But Minecraft lets install personal game mods, allow advertising in games, and customize their settings and rules set on their choice. This hosting offers advanced features, complete advertising leverage, and excellent customer support for online business owners.
  • WordPress hosting: Hostinger's WordPress hosting plan offers automatic backups, managed-to-host services, solid storage capacity, and other features.
  • VPS hosting: VPS hosting offers hosting services for online visibility and presence for online businesses and website owners. Moreover, It offers private access and more resources to them. It provides users with memory support, generous storage capacity, and bandwidth length.

Besides, Hostinger offers Cloud Hosting and Reseller services of distinct plans and pricing options.


Hostinger and Namecheap use SSDs for storage. Namecheap allows you to choose from 2 data centers ( in the U.S and the U.K.). At the same time, Hostinger has redundant data centers across 7 different areas, U.K and U.S also included in these regions.

Hostinger uses Cloudflare CDN, LSCache plugins, dual uplinks with multiple ISPs for high accessibility, and GZIP compression to improve performance.

NameCheap operates redundant data centers with CDN and cloud storage (with U.S. data center and zero downtime), eAccelerator, and xCache to hasten the performance of PHP.

Hostinger offers you a 99.9% credit-backed uptime guarantee. At the same time, Namecheap gives 100% and 99.9% uptime guarantees.

Namecheap earns the slightest edge on Hostinger due to its little better performance.


Hostingers provide customer support through 24/7 live chat, tickets, and email support. Additionally, it offers paid priority support that is faster than all. Impressively Hostinger lives conversation and delivers lightning-fast replies.

Namecheap offers customer support through tickets and lives chat, as does Hostinger. But it gives slow replies. However, its live chat is far better than the ticket support. Namecheap does not offer any direct contact number for customer service, which is disappointing.


Hostinger employs robust and comprehensive security measures. It uses CDN, SSL certificate, RAID-10 for data redundancy, weekly/daily backups, predictive and proactive server monitoring, Vanguard anti-DDoS protection, LVE containers for account isolation, and Bitninja/Imunify360 web application firewall. 

Therefore, with Hostinger, you don't need to bother about your website's safety.

NameCheap provides security by taking security measures that include account security like custom password recovery options, custom security notifications, and dynamic support PINs. Additionally, It includes two-factor authentication and DDoS protection. Besides, It offers paid CDN and VPN but still fails to compete with Hostinger's all-inclusive security.

Pros and Cons



  • Impressive customer support
  • Excellent Quality uptime
  • Minecraft server
  • Several options to select from
  • Budget-friendly
  • Beginners-friendly
  • High performance


  • No Dedicated server
  • No phone support



  • Free domain and migration services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great uptime
  • Good load time
  • Inexpensive VPS hosting program


  • No direct contact for customer support
  • The performance is not the best in the market
  • Plans are quite limited


An excellent hosting service plays an integral role in your online presence. Namecheap and Hostinger are both famous, but popularity should not be the reason to choose a hosting service.

It is essential to learn about the plans, services, and price tags they are offering. It will help you to choose the hosting platform according to your need.

You can compare both of the platforms based on the detail presented above. Both firms have their own merits and demerits.

It ultimately depends on your decision, which hosting platform suits your company's needs.

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