The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio!

The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio! 2022 (Reviewed and Compared)

We all have been using WordPress for ages knowing the fact that 43% of all websites out of 1.3 billion use WordPress. 

When choosing a WordPress host, numerous services in the market claim to be more productive, exclusive, fast, and secure than others. 

Therefore, when it comes to managing true storage, seamless updates, and affordability, Convesio is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress.  

With a diverse network of data centers and high-speed connectivity, Convesio gives customers high-quality and efficient WordPress hosting.  

In addition, it also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop control panel, which helps customers manage WordPress sites easily. For all these reasons and more, Convesio is the best hosting for WordPress. 

Convesio Overview 

The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio

In 2018, Tom Fanelli measures the need for a potential hosting platform where the ease of implementation, easy-to-use tools, and integration with different packages come altogether without costing a fortune. 

And that’s how Tom Fanelli founded the best hosting for WordPress; Convesio! 

Currently, Convesio is one of the most dynamic and credible hosting services in the market. All credit goes to the incredible infrastructure and top-of-line reliability. 

Convesio provides productive integration with several third-party applications such as Google Cloud, Steadfast, Cloudflare, AWS, etc. Therefore, the process of creating and managing a WordPress site on Convesio is extremely effortless. 

Apart from successful integration with different applications, Convesio offers advanced features such as autoscaling and self-healing. 

These features serve as a cherry on top for any website going through problems in functionality.  

With autoscaling, you will be able to optimise your site according to the demands of the audience and since you need a good performance of the website to do this, the self-healing feature will ensure that your site is working efficiently and remaining functional all the time. 

Another interesting technology that Convesio uses is Docker containers. Instead of using virtual machines like other hosting providers, Convesio utilises Docker Containers to store your database, host your files and manage your application with extra performance and reliability.  

Let’s Dig Out How Convesio Assists Its Users 

The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio

Conversion is an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable WordPress hosting service.  

The hosting performance is exceptional as Convesio analyses each site every 60 seconds and if any technical problems are detected, the team of experts handle the situation and resolve it. 

The company also provides several additional services such as Site Speed Optimisation, Website Security and Privacy Protection, Google Analytics, Shopper Insights, and more.  

Convesio Hosting comes in 3 different packages.

– Starter 

This package features 2 vCPU, 512 MB Memory, 4 Workers, and 50 GB Bandwidth. The monthly charges of this package are $50. It's most suitable for a small website with a low volume of monthly traffic.

– Business 

This package features 4 vCPU, 2 GB Memory, 16 Workers, and 100 GB Bandwidth. The minimum monthly charges of this package are $150. It's most suitable for a medium-sized business website with an average volume of monthly traffic.

– Enterprise 

This package features 16 vCPU, 16 GB Memory, Custom Workers, and 750 GB Bandwidth. The minimum monthly charges of this package are $1,000. It's most suitable for a massive business website with a tremendous volume of monthly traffic.

Listing the Outstanding Features of Convesio 

The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio

The features of Convesio are exceptional. The top-tier hosting never compromises performance even if you have a huge traffic scrolling to your website.  

Most of the Convesio features are designed to have seamless control over complex website performance tasks. Here are some of the most powerful features you will get to see when using Convesio hosting 

– User-Friendly Dashboard 

As the web era is revolutionising, more and more new developers are into creating and managing websites. But the complicated interface of typical hosting providers doesn’t let them easily do the website tasks. 

Therefore, Convesio gives its users the best user-friendly dashboard and overall interface so that new website developers can also manage websites with the minimum technical knowledge about the hosting server. 

Once you select your desired WordPress or PHP visions, the Convesio development console will automatically deploy your site on the go. 

After the setup, Convesio will give you easy access to the IP dashboard form where you will track the performance of the whole site. 

With Convesio, you will perform all the tasks with a single click. It will help you configure backups, manage databases, enable caching, and maintain the overall prosperity of the site. 

Moreover, you can track other site statics from the dashboard too. Such as monitoring quintessential metrics from the database, traffic by country, primary issues which may slow down your website, backup status, caching status, and many other indicators.  

– Auto-Scaling 

Auto-scaling is a powerful technology used by Convesio. It distributes the containers throughout your hosting servers so that your website can run without any flaws. 

The more containers you have, the more balanced your website will perform. But you might be wondering, how do I get more containers? It's simple, the plan you choose from Convesio defines the number of containers you will enjoy. 

Auto-Scaling is one of the most predominant features that ensure the smooth running of your website without being affected by sudden spikes in traffic. 

– Backup Automation 

Convesio offers backup automation with a very unique feature, it allows you to quickly configure your backup automation plan as per your requirements. 

Once you are all set with the configuration, Convesio will automatically start the backup process scheduled at regular intervals. 

The default setting of automatic backup is 24 hours which you can extend up to 15 days. 

In addition to that, there's a monthly backup feature that creates a backup every 30 days and keeps the data stored in servers for up to 360 days. 

Hence, backup automation helps to save your time and provides a great way to restore your site data in a matter of minutes if something goes wrong. 

– Enterprise Security Management 

Security is the topmost priority for many web owners. And Convesio understands this priority and thus offers exceptional enterprise security management that keeps your site away from the latest security vulnerabilities. 

Also, Convesio provides a detailed analysis of your website detecting any potential security threats and remediation options. 

Therefore, with Convesio, you can implement and configure deep security plugins like WebARX and WordFence on the front end of your site. 

The security management of Convesio is so powerful that it works 24/7 and detects any malware before it can give your site any damage. It inspects every activity on the site and doesn’t let any vulnerabilities and malware disturb your website. 

Considering the Best Hosting for WordPress 

As such, there are innumerable platforms offering quality hosting to WordPress sites. But do you think they all will be providing real value to their customers?

The Best Hosting for WordPress Convesio

The speed of Convesio hosting is unbeatable as you can see the actual numbers justifying its speed better than any hosting provider.  

For instance, let us compare Convesio with one of the most popular and renowned hosting platforms in the market. 

Convesio VS Namecheap 

As being a giant in hosting, there's no doubt that Namecheap is an authority hosting platform. But due to the highly emerging number of customers, Namecheap hosting sometimes influences negatively in server performance resulting in a slow on-page speed of sites. 

However, Convesio is a comparatively new platform that is currently on a mission to serve its customers at the best value. The speed of Convesio hosting is uninterrupted as the platform has more than enough servers for docker containers and website data keep on running at a good rate. 

Convesio hosting works without influencing the standard technologies used by WordPress such as cPanel, Nginx Apache, etc. 

Also, if we consider customer support, you can't directly make a phone call to either of the hosting providers. However, Convesio customer support is quite strong as they have fewer customers as compared to Namecheap. Convesio promises to reply to your queries within 5 minutes and that’s relatively fast enough. 

Read Our Detailed Review of Namecheap.

Therefore, if you want to choose a hosting with more credibility and consistent service, it would be Namecheap. However, if you prefer the advanced options, fast actions and consistently improving the platform with high potential growth in the future, Convesio would be best for you!!

Is Convesio Worth it? Book a Demo Now! 

The platform is trusted by thousands of webmasters around the world. Innumerable new websites are using Convesio hosting and experiencing more than enough satisfying results. The overall performance and features of this hosting are incredible and it comes with high credibility as well.

All in all, Convesio is a great choice for those who want to host their websites in the cloud without breaking the bank. 

If you are wondering whether to buy Convesio hosting or not, we would suggest you book a demo now! And start using one of the best hosting for WordPress, Convesio!!

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