Nothing can be more disturbing than giving your soul to the website only to find out that it's not living up to your expectations.

In the same way as diagnosing the cat, an SEO audit plays a crucial part in figuring out your website's performance. Moreover, it acts as a doctor who helps you to diagnose the disorder. 

Without any audit, it is quite impossible to detect problems on your site. 

SEO audits are necessary for the success of your site. We will further discuss in detail, What is an SEO audit exactly is.

Undoubtedly, all of us want to appear in the search results. However, very few people care to analyze the health of their SEO work. An SEO audit offers a thorough assessment of your digital appearance. And identify the weakness and problems that affect your site's search engine performance. Besides, it guides you on how to improve the site's rank on SERP. The other name used for SEO audit is SEO analysis.

SEO analysis provides information regarding flaws in your website structure, content, user experience, competitive vision, and more to boot.


If you have devised a sound SEO strategy and executed it on your website. Then you need to check how it performs. So, it is the right time to conduct the SEO analysis report. Then compare it with the old one to determine if your SEO strategy paid off.

An SEO audit report informs you about the weak points of your website. Plus, give solutions to improve site ranking. 

Simultaneously, an SEO report brings focuses on the factors that highly affect SEO


For SEO analysis, you should use several SEO Tools to dig deep into your website's traffic, keyword ranking, and other aspects of SEO strategy. Besides, you would analyze different elements of your site to rank on google that include.

  1. Site loading time: This test suggests how quickly your site responds to the web requisition. If your site takes longer to load, then you will slip away the traffic. Then obviously, it will affect your ranking on SERP.


  • Loading JavaScript in the footer
  • Optimizing your images
  • Consolidating CSS
  • Image file size: If the image's size is large, it takes too long to load. Then it also affects the site's load speed. Which eventually drives away the traffic.


Image optimization will re-size the image. Thereby, you can replace it with originals.

  • Backlinks It is essential to determine any of the backlinks on your site that are spammy. Because having bad backlinks affect your ranking in google.


You have to disavow those toxic backlinks.

  • Page titlePage title is basically a short description of a website. Plus, it should appear in the search result as well as on top of the browser window. However, there is no character limit for the page title. It is good to keep it under 70. Moreover, the title should involve the main keyword.

Not only these but, there are so many other SEO tools used for the deep analysis of your website. These tools help you to analyze quickly and efficiently. However, you have to spend a lot of time on this analysis. Especially, in this constantly changing world where time is money.

Therefore, instead of spending all day analyzing your website and draining all your energy. You can directly inspect your site from our SEO analyzer. Just enter your website's address in the search window. And in a fraction of time, you will get the complete SEO score of your website.

It will surely enhance your website's performance. And aid you to rank on SERP.

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